How Bocaliner Helps

  1. Follow prescribed instructions for oral topical treatments.
  2. Carefully follow the specific instructions for each treatment.
  3. Use mouthwashes, rinses, and gels as directed (swish or hold in the mouth, spit out, or swallow).
  4. Place sublingual treatments (e.g., CBD) under the tongue and hold them in place.
  5. Insert Bocaliner after using oral treatments or placing sublingual treatments.
  6. Gently position Bocaliner between teeth and cheeks.
  7. Ensure comfortable placement of Bocaliner in the mouth.
  8. Use Bocaliner for a maximum of 40 minutes per treatment session.
  9. Keep Bocaliner in the mouth for 10 minutes with sublingual treatments.
  10. Minimize movement and talking for optimal results.
  11. Spit out or swallow excessive saliva that accumulates.
  12. Reuse and clean Bocaliner until worn for 1440 minutes (24 hours), then discard.
  13. Store cleaned Bocaliner in the provided plastic container or a similar one.
  14. Thoroughly clean Bocaliner after each use.
  15. Clean Bocaliner by soaking in warm water with Polident 3-minute cleanser for 3 minutes.
  16. Use a glove or kitchen tong to remove Bocaliner, and rinse for 1 minute in clean water.
  17. Dry Bocaliner with a paper towel and store in the plastic container until the next use.
  18. Clean the plastic container daily with soap and warm water, then dry it with a paper towel.
  19. Consult your healthcare provider when using Bocaliner with medical products or prescriptions.
  20. Discontinue Bocaliner if adverse effects occur and notify your healthcare provider.
  21. Inform your healthcare provider of any adverse reactions to treatments or medications.
  22. Be cautious when using Bocaliner with cannabis products, as it can intensify effects.
  23. Start with a lower dose of cannabis products when using Bocaliner.
  1. Do not drink liquid nutrition when using Bocaliner together with anesthetic rinses.
  2. Do not fall asleep with Bocaliner inside of your mouth.
  3. Do not use Bocaliner as an athletic or protective mouthguard or for other unintended uses.
  4. Do not use Bocaliner if it causes any difficulty with breathing.
  5. Do not use Bocaliner if the device causes excessive discomfort or gagging.
  6. Do not use Bocaliner if the expiration date has passed.
  7. Do not use Bocaliner if there is a tear or other damage to the packaging.
  8. Do not use Bocaliner if you are allergic to silicon.
  9. Do not use a Bocaliner device after you have already used it for a total of 1440 minutes (24 hours). After this time of use, use a new Bocaliner device and discard the old device.
  10. Do not use the Bocaliner device if it has not been properly cleaned.

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