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Frequently Asked Questions About Bocaliner™ Answered

What sets Bocaliner™ apart from others?
Bocaliner is a new medical device. It has been engineered to increase the retention of topical medications such as mouthwashes, gels, and pastes in the mouth. Because of this design, Bocaliner is available to help patients who utilize mouthwashes, gels, rinses, and sublingual treatments to optimize their effectiveness and duration of action.
How does Bocaliner™ work?
Bocaliner keeps these medications inside of the mouth longer. It has been scientifically designed to do this effectively and to be comfortable to wear in the mouth, even in patients with mouth sores. Bocaliner increases the time and amount that topical medications stay in the mouth. It does this in several ways. First, portions of Bocaliner form a protective cover for some parts of the lining of the mouth. Second, wearing Bocaliner effectively reduces the amount of saliva in the mouth after the medicines are used. This property of Bocaliner that allows less saliva inside of the mouth, has been engineered into its design to allow more active medicine to stay at the place that it is working. In addition, wearing Bocaliner limits movement of the mouth muscles. Since these muscles are less active, more medication stays attached to the lining of the mouth so it can work more effectively.
What is Bocaliner™ made of?
Crafted from a durable silicone rubber material, Bocaliner™ offers a reliable and long-lasting solution for oral care. Bocaliner is cleanable and reusable (please see instructions for cleaning Bocaliner most effectively).
My dentist tells me that I have a small mouth. Can I still use Bocaliner™?
Bocaliner comes in two sizes: a standard blue size and a small aqua size. The smaller size is recommended for most women, people with smaller mouths, people who have difficulty keeping things like dental devices inside of their mouth, children and adolescents, and people with excessive gag reflexes.
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