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Bocalinerâ„¢ is soft and lightweight and has been scientifically engineered to help patients with oral mucositis and other oral diseases. It is designed to be worn comfortably by patients while they are using mouthwashes and gels to treat these conditions. Bocaliner has been designed to keep these treatments in the mouth longer, improving their ability to treat oral conditions.


Small: Aqua Color
Standard: Dark Blue Color

Product Contents:

2 Bocaliner Devices
Device Container
Product Use Instructions

Exchange Policy

If your Bocaliner device is the wrong size, we will send you a prepaid shipping label and you can return and exchange the device within seven days of receiving it in the mail.
Limited Liability Warranty

If the device you receive is damaged, it may be returned for a new device at no charge. You must notify customer service and return the device no later than seven days after receiving it.


Small, Standard


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