Bocaliner Clinical Trial Presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Meeting

The Phase 1/Phase 2 clinical trial of Bocaliner has been presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in Chicago. The meeting is attended by more than 30,000 participants form around the world. The study is being performed in the Dr. Artem Oganesyan, the clinical director of the research project at the Hematology Center after R. Yeolyan in Yerevan, Armenia. The study is being performed on patients with hematologic malignancies that are undergoing treatment intravenous chemotherapy to treat their cancer.

In his presentation, Dr. Oganesyan described how Bocaliner, combined with benzydamine mouthwash, has the potential to prevent the occurrence of oral mucositis. Oral mucositis is a serious complication of cancer treatment. It can result in mouth pain, difficulty eating and talking, and decreased quality of life. E2Bio Life Sciences is committed to discovering ways to prevent and treat oral mucositis. The study is designed to show that Bocaliner is safe and well tolerated, even in patients with cancer that are receiving chemotherapy. In addition, the goal of the study is to demonstrate that Bocaliner will reduce the severity of oral mucositis by using a scale developed by the World Health Organization, and using a patient reported outcome tool developed by Dr. Ehrenpreis, the CEO of E2Bio Life Sciences and Dr. Joel Epstein, the Director of Oral Health Services at the City of Hope in Duarte California. The meeting took place in Chicago. Illinois in June 2023.

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