Bocaliner Can Help Keep Away Cavities

As people get older, tooth decay and cavities become more common. This is because, with age, there is wearing down of the teeth from use. Also, receding of the gums is common with age. When the gums recede, bacteria can get into the roots of teeth, causing rapid damage and tooth decay.  Normally, saliva contains substances that protect against tooth decay, but older individuals often make less saliva. Several prescription medications also reduce the production and flow of saliva.

Dentists often prescribe high fluoride toothpastes to slow down or prevent tooth decay in older individuals. Ideally, the fluoride in these toothpastes gets absorbed into the saliva, allowing fluoride to bathe the teeth and gums, and slowing the rate of cavity formation. However, the fluoride in these products rapidly leaves the mouth after they are used, so there is very little time for the fluoride to prevent cavities.

Studies that we have done show that if Bocaliner is placed and held inside of the mouth for a short time after brushing, fluoride in the toothpaste enters and stays in the saliva at higher concentrations, giving the fluoride a better chance to be effective. The fluoride also remains in the saliva for a longer time if you use Bocaliner after brushing your teeth.

Bocaliner is soft and fits comfortably in the mouth. Isn’t it time that you use a Bocaliner device to help you fight against tooth decay?

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