Bocaliner for Sublingual Cannabinoids

Bocaliner for Sublingual Cannabinoids

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Bocaliner™ is soft and lightweight and has been scientifically engineered. Studies show that Bocaliner enhances the absorption of sublingual CBD. Bocaliner can also be used with mouth sprays.

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If your Bocaliner device is the wrong size, we will send you a prepaid shipping label and you can return and exchange the device within seven days of receiving it in the mail.

If the device you receive is damaged, it may be returned for a new device at no charge. You must notify customer service and return the device no later than seven days after receiving it.

How to choose your size:

CategoriesSmall SizeStandard Size
TMJ and Other Jaw Problems
Anxiety about Mouth Appliances
Difficulty with Snoring Devices
Difficulty with Sports Mouth Guards
Difficulty with Night Guards
Difficulty with Dental Appliances
Smaller Mouth Sizes
Excessive Gag Reflex
Petite Person
Everyone Else