The Science Behind Bocalinerâ„¢

Discover its scientific breakthrough as an oral mucositis relief

Mouthwashes, pastes, gels, and rinses are used to treat many oral conditions. These treatments reduce pain, promote healing, improve dental hygiene, help with dry mouth and insure patients can eat properly. However, they don't stay in the mouth for long.

According to our research conducted at E2Bio Life Sciences, Bocaliner has demonstrated the ability to prolong the amount and retention of topical treatments for oral mucositis within the oral cavity. This means that the treatments have more time to work on the affected areas of the mouth, providing better results.

Bocaliner Works In 3 Ways


It covers the areas affected by oral mucositis, providing a protective layer.



It prevents saliva from diluting the gels and mouthwashes used for treating oral mucositis. Normally, saliva quickly washes away medications because the mouth is constantly moistened by saliva.

Bocaliner keeps the mouth still after using mouthwashes, pastes, gels and other topical medications. These medications stay longer at a higher concentration with Bocaliner.

The Bocaliner device covers the openings of the parotid duct (which drains the parotid gland) and several minor salivary gland ducts. This causes saliva to collect in the lower parts of the mouth due to gravity. As a result, the tongue, cheeks, and other parts of the mouth are less exposed to circulating saliva.

Less exposure to circulating saliva reduces the dilution effect of the topical medications in the mouth for treating oral mucositis. The design of our device is specifically shaped to cover the openings of these salivary gland ducts, enhancing its effectiveness in reducing saliva dilution.

Oral Mucositis Medication Effects

Take a look at this picture showing the parotid and submandibular glands:

We tested a regular person to see how a special device called Bocaliner affects the numbing power of lidocaine, a medicine used for mouth pain. Bocaliner kept the numbing medicine working inside of the mouth and tongue for a longer period of time.

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